Common Wooden Styles Used in Modern Bathroom Designs

Today’s bathroom designs have increased due to the ability to include wooden materials which can normally be styled in different designs.

wooden bathroom designBespoke Bathroom Solutions has been on the forefront in ensuring that you get the best bathroom designs. In your home, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable and happy with your surroundings. This means that if you have a small bathroom you may want to look for more detailed information from Unique Vanities and other bathroom specialists to find a space-saving vanity, or if you have a larger bathroom, you may want to get multiple vanities to create a couple’s bathroom concept. The point is the design has to suit what’s best for you and your space and in this article, we will discuss the different modern bathroom designs.

Contemporary Toilet Style

The modern bathroom is a popular and elegant style for many people; it’s famous for the wooden and appealing nature plus the ease of maintenance. It also includes other materials such as metal components; the wooden elements can be furnished in light or dark colouring while the style is characterised by simplified nature. The doors are designed using the wooden material while the pulls and handles are produced using quieted brushed metals notwithstanding ledges and ground surface built from sturdy stone, wood, or tile. Generally, the style gives great value to the house because its modifiable in the more updated way. Bespoke Bathrooms have greatly updated this style that involves massive decoration and finishing of the walls with hardwood.

Southwestern Bathroom Style

Southwestern bathroom style is a wooden dominated style in the modern construction. It is highly dominated by the wood material and designed in different ways that enrich its style; you can have bright looks, red, blue accents and many other imitations of environment work look. The colours are patterned in different ways to make the washrooms unique while the walls and roofs are completed with the wooden material making the rooms have the ability to retain warmth. Additionally, if you need the features painted its possible and you get to choose your favourite colour. If you are thinking of acquiring a new bathroom style with d├ęcor, southwestern gives you maximum relaxation.

Rustic Bathroom Style

The Rustic style involves a craftsman styling that uniquely stands out; the wood is the main material. In fact, most of the components included in the bathroom are man-made and the style is seen to have toughness in its development. Largely, included is a basic outline stylish with an emphasis on rich green foliage and the best quality craftsmanship of the materials utilised all through the washroom. It has colourful finished wood floors, open roof bars, a lot of greenery, and crude specifying with a characteristic style. The open designs offer open-handed measures of light and space is common with these washroom styles. Therefore, if you need to enjoy a relaxed moment, then this is the kind of style you need as you can add luxury salt to enjoy maximum relaxation which is guaranteed by the non-rusting nature.


If you have enough money, then having wood inclusion in your bathroom design and style is good as you enjoy a natural environment. The wooden styles are modified and treated for water resistance purpose. If you are looking for a bathroom fitter in Sheffield for quality, lasting bathroom designs and installation, you are assured value for your money at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions. We have ready designs that are styled to meet your desired preference.

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