Which Shower Enclosure For Me

Looking for a new shower enclosure? Our little guide will show you how to find one that’s right for your bathroom

Your choice of shower enclosure can be due to space, accessibility, design preferences, and budget. If yearn for a dream bathroom or wet room, this is a decision that shouldn’t be taken fastidiously.

Walk In Showers

The walk-in shower enclosure is exactly what is says on the tin. With a walk-in enclosure from somewhere like practicalbathing.co.uk, the rim of the shower tub is level with the bathroom floor, in a sunken fashion.
A doorless shower enclosure is better suited to wet rooms, although careful design sees a place for doorless enclosures in bathrooms. The doorless shower enclosure also offers some flexibility in design, whether you want glass or wall tiles for your partition.
A corner based shower enclosure is a popular style for shower cubicles. They come into their own where space is limited. If you have a second bathroom downstairs, equally good. Corner enclosures usually come in quadrant or triangular forms.
The frameless shower enclosure is the last word in minimalism. They go well in modern style bathrooms and wet rooms. Typically they are doorless.
Accessibility Options
If you know someone with (or have) problems getting in and out of the shower, this is where our bespoke approach comes to the fore. We can add seating and support rails to your shower enclosure. Also low rise shelving for your shampoos, gels, and soap.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further, give us a call on 0114 258 6372. Or email us via sales@bespokebathroomsolutions.co.uk. We will be happy to help you.

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