What Makes A Bathroom Luxurious?

A standard bathroom would normally have some features and fixtures for it to serve its basic functions. These would include a tub and a shower (or just a shower), a sink and a mirror, a toilet and a facility for storing toiletries.

luxury bathroom


You can add extras to enhance your comfort while having a bath and you can do so to varying degrees, depending on the level of comfort you want. A truly luxurious bathroom would be designed and constructed to pamper the user. So what characteristics would make a bathroom luxurious?

Bathroom Design

A sophisticated design is the hallmark of a luxury bathroom. With over 25 years of experience in bathroom installations around Sheffield and the surrounding areas, Bespoke Bathroom Solutions have the wealth of experience to deliver the best quality designs. A well-thought-out design provides a luxurious ambience to bathroom users.

Carefully selected bathroom furniture harmoniously arranged gives the bathroom an atmosphere of elegance. Luxury bathrooms usually have adequate space to enable integration of modern gadgets such as CD-players with invisible in-wall speakers, television monitors with streaming video and audio content all of which create an interesting and entertaining ambience.

Additional design features that would add to its luxurious nature include a semi private toilet, a dressing room and a sauna to offer relaxation and peace to those who spend time in them. Free standing bathtubs adorned with an eye-catching support base can be decorative, especially when positioned in the centre of the luxury bathroom where it can also hide away unsightly plumbing work. Floor lights and under-floor LED lights illuminate and accentuate the floor tiles, and this instantly adds class and a chic look to the bathroom.

Quality of the Materials

One of the most outstanding features of a luxury bathroom is the quality of the materials used for installation. These include luxurious quartz floor tiles, granite or marble. Each of these materials has distinct features that confer a touch of elegance to the bathroom. Quartz is a luxurious, hard-wearing product with a natural glint. Its surface sparkles even without polish, and a column of marble will add grandeur and enhance the aesthetics of the interior.

Luxurious Fittings and Features

Radiant heat embellished into the floors and installed behind the wall panels provides very pleasant warmth, not only to the bare feet, but also to the entire bathroom, especially in cold weather. A luxury bathtub provides many health benefits. Apart from giving you a hot, full-body soak it can be fitted with the latest in water circulation technology to give it that feeling of luxury. Other luxury amenities such as scented soap presented in porcelain dispensers, beauty gadgets and contemporary style storage solutions are all essential features of luxury bathrooms.

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