UK Bathroom Buying Trends

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Besides the basic purposes, it serves as a place of solitude where you can relax and decompress.

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Some of the greatest ideas in the world have been hatched in the bathroom. Modern bathrooms are changing in design and construction. Here are some of the latest trends in bathroom designs:

Using Natural Materials

Natural materials are a strong trend in modern bathroom suites. Some of these environmentally-friendly materials include wood, stone and marble. Many people like to mix these materials with natural fabrics like cotton to give a more sophisticated design. The size of the slabs should also not be ignored; people now prefer larger slabs because of the illusion of more space. Larger tiles are also easier to clean as they have less grout. As such, there will be a lower chance of ever getting mould in your bathroom.

Moody Colours

Traditionally, bathrooms have been decorated with bright and reflective colours. This trend is being abandoned for dark and moody colours. Some rich dark shades include shades of grey, black and navy. You should limit these colours to the walls since they have the effect of making a room appear smaller than it actually is. The ceiling, furnishing and floor should have lighter colours in order to balance out the room. If you have a low bathroom ceiling, you should use one dark colour for the trim and walls as this will make the wall appear taller.

High-Tech Toilets

High-tech toilets have also been growing in popularity over the years. One feature of these toilets is a remote control that allows you to clean yourself without using toilet paper. The remote control is usually designed with multiple features, and each button is colour-coded for ease of use. These toilets also have seat warmers, LED lights, self-cleaning functionalities and motion sensors. Typically, they will also allow you to play some music when the seat is up. This music will automatically stop when the toilet seat closes.

Digital Faucets

Digital faucets help to conserve water by reducing the tap flow. They also regulate the temperature of your water automatically. A key feature of these faucets is the infrared technology that senses your hands under the tap. When you’re done using it, the faucet automatically turns off. They can also be programmed to limit the time spent in the shower.

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