Top Tips For Bathroom Maintenance

Like kitchens, bathrooms can be one of the hardest rooms in your house to keep clean and hygienic. As well as generally getting a lot of traffic, the moist atmosphere can lead to mould and mildew, and the array of products that we use nowadays can lead to build up on surfaces, and in baths and sinks.

As well as looking and feeling unpleasant, fixing these issues can be costly if you don’t stay on top of bathroom maintenance.

Moisture is the enemy

Not tackling the inevitable moisture in your bathroom can cause a number of unpleasant problems, not least mould and mildew. Make a point of wiping down all surfaces with a clean, lint free cloth every time you have a bath or shower. The warm, moist atmosphere in the room will help to soften any stubborn stains, and make them easier to remove, and will save you money on cleaning products. Make sure that all wet towels and bathmats are washed and aired regularly, and never leave them on the floor – they will get mouldy, and it’s surprising how quickly they can start to smell.

Wipes – The Scourge of Plumbers!

It seems like there are wipes for everything these days; make-up removal, cleaning, even deodorant. While they might be seem convenient and cheap, they’re extremely bad for the environment and can cause you huge problems if you don’t dispose of them correctly. Even if your wipes say that they are ‘flushable’, it’s important that you never flush them down the toilet – most plumbers will be able to tell you at least one horror story about a waste blockage caused by wipes of one type or another. If you really must use them, make sure that they go in a bin after use. However, if you are already in this mess, you could contact plumbing experts like the ones at Nance Services and alike (visit them at – to have a look at your plumbing issue and get it fixed.

Green Cleaning

It is true that plumbing could turn out to be one of the persistent problems in our house or business, that simply does not seem to go away! The easy way to tackle this would be to get in touch with residential or commercial plumbing services near you to take a look at your plumbing woes. But what do you do when they are not available? You DIY and go green! Your kitchen can be a great source of natural ingredients which will help to keep your bathroom clean. For example, citrus fruit (such as oranges or lemons) can be cut in half and used to clean stubborn soap stains from baths, tiles and sinks. An old toothbrush and a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice is a great way to keep grout white and fresh. As well as being cheap, easy and usually on hand, cutting down on strong chemical cleaners is beneficial for the environment (and who wants to take a bath after it’s been cleaned in harsh, abrasive chemicals?).
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