Tips for Small Bathroom Refits

small bathroom refitFitting a bathroom can be exciting, especially if you haven’t had a renovation in a long time. Getting your old bathroom out and your new bathroom in is such an exciting way to spruce up your home and give it the refresh you’ve been wanting. In order to get ‘out with the old’ you need to look into skips and removal services before getting too excited. By looking into skip bin hire sydney way, or wherever you might be based, you can plan how to quickly dispose of your old bathroom and swiftly get started on installing your new one! Small bathrooms are not very easy to redesign since there is little room, but you can make the best out of the space by following some essential tips. Here are some ways you can improve your small bathroom:

1. Lower the Height of Your Tub

Bathtubs take a lot of space. If possible, you should eliminate the tub and install a shower. Alternatively, you can lower the height of the tub to create a feeling of more room in your bathroom. This way, the bathroom suites will be better suited to older members of the household and other people who may have mobility issues. A walk-in shower or a bath lift could make the bathroom more accessible right away. You could have a look at disabled bathrooms berkshire or other places if you have someone at home who needs help in doing the basic chores on a regular basis. Additionally, if that were the case, you can also consider refurbishing the bathroom’s other products to make them suitable for elderly or disabled users. For more info on the available bathing solutions, for the disabled, you can browse websites like and similar others.

2. Use Relaxing and Functional Lighting

Four types of light have been noted to provide the best bathroom atmosphere. These are task, accent and ambient lights. Task lighting is the best for observing yourself and is ideal for shaving and the application of makeup. If you want to add visual sparkle to your bathroom, you will be better off with accent lighting. Bathrooms with tall ceilings, coves, and cantilevers are best lit with ambient lights. You should consider installing the ambient light fixtures along the perimeter of the space in order to hide them. However, for that you might need the assistance of skilled technicians like the ones available at S.E. Electrical Services (check here to learn more) and similar electrical service providers.

3. Include a Window and a Vent

Having a window as well as a vent will ensure that your bathroom stays free of humidity. By extension, you will prevent the growth mould and the destruction of your wall paint.

4. Install Frameless Glass Shower Screens

Shower curtains are a bother to clean, and they also don’t have much of visual appeal. Instead of these curtains, you should install frameless glass shower screens. There are many advantages of shower screens, the most important being the improved appearance of your home. The value of your house will also rise considerably after installing these shower screens. The screens will also improve the lighting of your bathroom and are significantly easier to maintain.


You can significantly improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom by implementing the tips listed above. It is essential to plan ahead and only start your bathroom renovations when you have everything in place. You can consider getting suitable lights, a shower, proper ventilation, and frameless glass shower screens. For a perfect job, you should hire a professional renovation service to help you redesign the place.

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