Things To Do In Dore, Sheffield

Things to See and Do in Dore, Sheffield
Located upon the shores of the River Sheaf, the village of Dore is home to nearly 5,500 residents. This town can trace its historical roots back to at least the ninth century and it is currently considered to be one of the wealthiest suburban areas within Sheffield.

Dore, Sheffield
The village of Dore, near Sheffield in South Yorkshire, UK.

What are some of its major attractions and why should anyone new to the area choose Bespoke Bathroom Solutions when remodelling bathrooms in Dore?

Christ Church

Whether you are a religious individual or you simply appreciate a bit of history, it is always wise to visit Christ Church. This structure was originally erected in 1829 and it has been the main parish of the town ever since. There is a graveyard located within its confines; offering a unique glimpse into the lives of past Dore residents.

Supermarkets and Food Retail Outlets

As Dore is located within a somewhat rural location, many of the foods here are locally grown. This provides them with an organic appeal that might not be possible when visiting more mainstream cities. Two shops of interest are the Co-Operative Food Group and Hartley’s Fruit Cabin. The latter provides fresh fruits and vegetables to customers on a daily basis, so it is absolutely worth a closer look.

Eating and Drinking

There are a number of quaint pubs and restaurants located within the confines of Dore. Whether you are hoping to enjoy a traditional plate of fish and chips or you instead wish to watch the latest football match with a group of friends, you will be pleased with the selection. Some notable venues include Alma’s Restaurant, Union Jack, The Devonshire Arms Public House and The Dore Cafe. Each of these specialises in its own cuisine, so it is a good idea to frequent them all in order to appreciate what is in store.

Mayfield Alpacas

You have indeed read this section heading correctly. There is an open-air alpaca farm located only a few minutes away from the Dore town centre. This property offers a unique perspective into the past farming history of the village as well as the surrounding locations.

Dore is one of the best-kept secrets to be found within South Yorkshire and there are a wealth of attractions to explore. Please feel free to use this article as a guide and if you are in need of a professional bathroom refurbishment, Bespoke Bathroom Solutions is only a phone call away.

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