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5 Bathroom Designs to Modernise Your Home

Your bathroom should be designed such that it becomes your daily paradise after work. Modernisation of home can be characterised by any positive changes to the house in general or to specific house items.

The bathroom is an essential part of every home. In fact, it’s one place that you keep visiting daily. Creativity in the room can significantly increase the value and look of your home.

Making new changes to the washroom can be a significant step in modernising the entire house. Below are some of the ways you can modernise your house through bathroom designs.

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Create a Simplified Design, Freestanding Bathtubs Design or Tiled-Wall Design

As much as designs continue to erupt daily, there are simple changes you can adapt to your bathroom and make it outstanding. In this particular design, let the floor have an excellent appearance, you can achieve that with the installation of tiles on it.

Additionally, tiles can be fixed on the walls to improve the appearance of the room. Then on one side, adjust a mirror that runs from the floor to the ceiling of the room. Also, the design should include installation of hang up frames with stylish prints on it.

In this simplistic design, you can include flower pots painted in a bright colour in case the room is spacious enough. Moreover, the modern design of the bathroom that allows for unlimited flexibility of bathtub and bathing posture will be more preferable. You can hire services of Bespoke Bathrooms Solutions to design and install your home’s luxury bathrooms in Sheffield area: they offer a wide range of alternative designs.

Eco-Friendly Design

Design the bathroom in a way that makes it nature-friendly. In fact, incorporating green world in your designing is a great feature that gives your place an attractive appearance. For instance, having fresh plants will take your room to another level.

Additionally, the room will get a more lively appearance. Thus, it gets more enjoyable to use. Have a solar panel heating system. In fact, you can use the energy to heat the entire house using proper mechanisms. Solar panels will not only help your house get a modern look but also be an energy-efficient option for you. There are various laws in place for the individual state regarding solar laws and solar panel incentives in place for the same. So, to look at them would be a good option before you opt to make a switch to clean and renewable energy.

Change the Hardware Components

Designing the bathroom may also be enhanced by updating the current components in it. For instance, there are various essential components you can change such as the bathtub, sinks and so on. One of the modern ways of improving the bathroom is by purchasing well-designed bathroom cabinets.

These cabinets come with a sink on top and a connection point so that you can incorporate and connect it to the drainage system. You can also change the bathroom curtains top make the appearance better. Furthermore, painting the bathroom with unique and attractive design patterns can also serve as a supplement to great designing.

Add an Entertainment System

The shower room is a place to take a bath to maintain body hygiene. However, an excellent design should also look beyond the physical comfort of the room to add extra features. Thus, installing Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom can modernise the bathroom. In fact, the room is supposed to offer high levels of relaxation.

With this kind of design, the bathroom can quickly transform to one of the stress reliever section of your house. However, you should ensure that the speakers are waterproof so that you don’t have to keep worrying about them.

Hard Water Bathroom Cleaning

Avoiding Hard Water Stains in Your Bathroom

How to stop hard water from spoiling your bathroom

Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, as you may already know, covers both the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire boundaries. This is where most of our clientele hail from, an area stretching from Swadlincote to Silkstone; or Glossop to Bolsover. If you travel between Yorkshire and Derbyshire, you will notice some difference in your water. In Slaithwaite for example, the water is softer than in Chesterfield. Hard water is characterised by its difference in taste and the residue it leaves in your bathroom.

Hard water seeps into underground springs, after permeating the rocks. On reaching your water supply, its limestone particles become limescale whilst warmed up. This leads to the furring of your kettle, and a residue around your plugholes. Soft water stays on the surface, as it is unable to penetrate the rocks, particularly on granite. Some people might ask ‘can you change your water supplier?‘ and the answer is yes, if you feel like the quality of your water isn’t good enough. But you may want to find other ways of preventing hard water from creating limescale.

In our area, most of Derbyshire has hard water, whereas South Yorkshire veers from having moderately hard to very hard water. Geology determines how hard our water is; in Derbyshire, it is the limestone of the White Peak which plays a great part. It is harder still as we get to Doncaster and other more easterly parts of Yorkshire.

In your bathroom, hard water can leave limescale film around your sink, shower, or bath plughole. It can leave a brown ring around your cistern. To wipe away the brown ring, a couple of dental tablets and a going over with the toilet brush helps. Equal parts of water and white vinegar is good for cleaning sinks, bath tubs, and shower tubs.

If you opted to clean your bath with neat white vinegar (or the part water/part vinegar solution), please be careful and clean around the affected area. Especially as too much of its use would strip the enamel off your bath. To be on the safe side, buy a limescale removal product. Compare similar products on the market or ask your friends, neighbours or family for recommendations.

Bathroom cleaning image by Tolikoff Photography (via Shutterstock).

Bad bathroom Design

Bad Bathroom Design Trends

Thinking of selling your home? Here are the seven deadly sins of bad bathroom design trends you should avoid

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions came across this amazing article on the Realtor.com website. Entitled 7 Bathroom Design Trends Home Buyers Want to Flush Away, it looks at the trends you need to avoid, should you sell your home. In its Seven Deadly Sins of Bad Bathroom Design Trends, it has stated the following points:

  • The All White Box;
  • Minimalism;
  • Overly funky colour schemes;
  • Huge bathtubs;
  • Dual sinks;
  • Medicine cabinets;
  • Subway tiles and nickel finishes.

On Homes Under The Hammer, you would have lost track of the times they have used Magnolia paint as a ‘cure all’ for interior design issues. This is true with their take on The All White Box. According to the article, it is a pain in the proverbials to clean. We think it feels like taking a bath in a fridge freezer (though the light stays on whilst the door is closed)

Minimalism is frowned upon, on the grounds that Realtor.com think it makes for a sparse bathroom. One that seems hardly used and soulless. Similarly frowned upon are over the top colour schemes. In other words, if you wish to sell your house, ditch the avocado bathroom suite.

With the average British home being smaller than US counterparts, the chances of seeing huge bathtubs and dual sinks are minimal. Both, according to their article have a low resale value. The bath could be replaced by a more modest one, and the space for your second sink could be better used elsewhere.

Medicine cabinets are passé according to their piece; they suggest open shelves and baskets. Subway tiles and nickel finishes are seen as outdated.

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions can think of a few other bad bathroom design trends that potential homeowners may frown about. What about having a carpet in your bathroom? Bathroom tiles on a roll like wallpaper? Badly positioned toilet roll holders?