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5 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

bathroom ideasHaving a great bath in your private paradise is a great place to prepare yourself for the day and a soothing oasis to unwind after a hectic day. You can also use as your personal sanctuary anytime of the day to get away and just relax. The bathroom has a long history, with ancients perceiving it as a ritualistic place to cleanse the body and soul. Furthermore, only royalty in ancient times was allowed the luxury of accessing private bathhouses, with the others only able to access community built bathhouses. However, the notion of the modern bathroom means that anyone has the capacity to design their bathrooms anyway they want, and are thus only limited to their tastes and imagination. Here are some fantastic luxury bathroom ideas.

Dramatic Colours
Gone are the days of white and beige bathroom designs. Nowadays, especially for people who are bold enough, dramatic colours seem to be their style of choice. Black for example, which would be unheard of when it comes to bathroom designs, seems to be the most popular choice. This is because black especially goes well with dramatic lighting conditions. Having a dramatic design keeps the bathroom from being boring. Even if a bathroom is small, you should not be afraid of using dramatic colours to make it lively. The idea here is to have a small space with big ideas.
Space Saving Designs
When it comes to the bathroom, space is premium. The bathroom may not be the most spacious room in a home, but a good design may make it look bigger. However, this does not mean that you should sacrifice on your style. Saving space will involve critically analysing the layout of the bathroom before making design choices. You should then consider where to place different bathroom accessories.
Use Skylight
bathroom skylightWhen it comes to designing bathrooms, many people may ignore the fact that they can use natural lighting as their main source of illumination. Natural light from the sun can have psychological benefits. Furthermore, while it will save you on electricity, having a bathroom design that lets in sunlight is classy and has a great aesthetic impact. However, sometimes letting in natural light through a window isn’t always an option for some due to the design of the house, and depending on where your bathroom is situated, so you may have to get in touch with someone like in order to install some bathroom lighting instead. Alternatively, you may entirely decide to take your bathroom outside to fully embrace the natural light, if the place is private enough. Some of the designs may include a tempered glass enclosure.
Marbles and Stone Design
Marble and stone designs in your bath give it that contemporary and luxurious feel. While most marble and stone designs are for decorative purposes, they are also used as functional items. For example, if budget is not an issue, you can have your tub designed exclusively in a natural marble and stone design.
While tiles are the most preferred for floor and wall designs there are other designs that are becoming increasingly popular – textured wall panels, or even timber is now emerging as an alternative luxurious design. Timber has the effect of enhancing the grandeur and graciousness of the bathroom. Furthermore, you can take this design further by adding timber design features in functional units such as benches, cladding and accessories among others.

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6 Purposes of Luxury Bathroom Suites Design

With everything that a bathroom refit can throw at you, a plan can make the whole project run smoother. Once your plan is in place, all you need to do is find a plumber to bring your vision to life. Finding the right plumber can be a job in itself though, so if you’re in Dayton, for example, you should click here to learn more about finding the perfect plumber in your area. Refitting a bathroom is one of those projects that is a nightmare at the start, but once it’s finished it completely transforms your home. If you’re looking to create a bathroom that incorporates your specific requirements with regard to taste and style, you’ve come to the right place.

Bespoke Bathroom Solutions ensures your bathroom is functional but stylish, however here are 6 of the main things to consider if you’re designing your new bathroom:

  • Improvements

Are you looking to refurbish your current bathroom? Or maybe you’re hoping to create a new luxurious bathroom?

Regardless of whether your bathroom needs a few improvements or a full renovation, Bespoke Bathroom Solutions has expertise in enhancing your home to match your specific style. We provide the finishing touches that your bathroom has perhaps been lacking!

  • Style

If you want your bathroom to have a modern touch, have you considered the facilities that will suit your bathroom suite? At Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, we have a wide range of baths for instance; the free-standing bath, corner bath or the P-Shaped shower. Our free-standing baths have contemporary and traditional aspects which make them suitable for any of your design preferences!

Our luxury bathroom suite designs are tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements- whatever style of bathroom you’re aiming to create; Bespoke Bathroom Solutions provides sophistication from start to finish.

  • User friendliness

Do you want to increase the accessibility of your bathroom suite?

Bespoke Bathroom Solutions provide bathroom designs for those located in the Sheffield area. When creating a new bathroom, it is essential that you consider the accessibility you already have, this is because you have to be able to accommodate for new facilities and have easy access to them in order for the installation to be efficient.

We specialise in reliable plumbing infrastructure so, if you’re looking to maximise the functionality of your bathroom suite, we suggest you get in touch with one of our professionals!

  • Space

Is your bathroom spacious?

Dependent on the amount of space you have available in your bathroom, Bespoke Bathroom Solutions may have the perfect storage solution for you! We install bespoke storage features, creating a sophisticated finish for your bathroom. These can be designed to have mirrors, offering suitability for an array of needs!

  • Size

Occasionally, bathrooms are awkwardly sized, making it difficult to install modern features such as storage units. At Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, we provide a service that enhances longevity and quality. Do you want to modify your bathroom? Often bathroom windows make it unsuitable for a shower unit to be installed, especially if the size of the room is trivial; hence the creation of our shower enclosures which ensure privacy!

  • Lighting

Has your bathroom seen better days?

Sometimes the lighting can play an important part in the appearance of your bathroom; does it currently suit the theme that you have?

If you’re having a new luxury bathroom suite designed, you might as well have modern lighting fitted to compliment the new installations. There are so many options to consider, for example, an LED chandelier drum that can bring in a soothing atmosphere while also upping the style quotient of the bathroom. At Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, we create a refined look throughout, with the implementation of LED lights which offers high-efficiency! These can be installed in the form of spotlights, providing a luxurious finish!

How could our bathroom design services benefit you?

If you’ve designed a bathroom suite, our services at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions ensure that you’re in safe hands. We have a wealth of expertise, offering 20 years of experience. Our team of experts guarantee minimal disruption throughout the whole process of installation.

We are experts in design and we offer a stylish finish to your bathroom suite, so, whether you need to refresh the facilities in your bathroom, or simply want to recreate something modern and brand new- we can fit a bathroom that suits your personality!


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Luxury Bespoke Bathroom by Bespoke Bathrooms Solution

Here at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, we are at the forefront of leading edge design and execution of luxury bespoke bathrooms. Located in Sheffield we are within easy reach of the main motorway network, and bring to the party over 20 years’ of expertise. Not only do we specialise in being able to readily offer in-house design to your exacting requirements, but effectively offer a turnkey solution – executing both the supply and installation. Regardless of the size and complexity of your requirements from small to grand expectations; we are adept at delivering a luxury bespoke bathroom that not only suits your pocket but one where it leaves you feeling astounded with the results and transformation.

Our level of expertise has undoubtedly stood the test of time, and our reputation locally has surpassed even our expectations from how the business grew in its early days to now. Our high-end cradle to grave services means that we can truly offer a bespoke solution and can present options from leading manufacturers. Besides being able to offer you a luxury bespoke bathroom, we are by all accounts more than just luxury bathroom installers.

Our specialist team are capable and willing to work with you in bringing your desired bathroom to a successful and elegant conclusion. Our designers can plan out the best fit regardless of the size of your space – we can maximise its potential with a range of options. Our services cover all trade disciplines from making tricky structural changes to your abode if necessary; to preparing the substructure, fitting high-quality sanitary ware, complete with floor to ceiling tiling, electrics, ventilation and even under floor heating. The advantage we feel that has over our competitors’ is that you have complete control of the process – one company to deal with all aspects; ostensibly a single point of responsibility throughout the process. And by letting our team deliver your dream bathroom we take the stress and hassle out of project managing different specialists and trades.

Irrespective of what solution you are looking for no job is too small or large for us. It makes no odds to us if you simply require a few changes to a complete overhaul; we treat all customers the same and endeavour to offer a service that is second to none. We are more than luxury bathroom installers, we can create magic – whether you are wanting a contemporary minimalist wet room to a sleek En-suite bathroom in colours and materials which are of the highest quality.

Our Services

In addition to the aforesaid end to end tailored solutions we offer, it is worthwhile emphasising the possibilities we can deliver that would transform your humble abode:

Refurb existing – We can strip down and remove your existing bathroom to the bear minimum. Preparation of the services and necessary upgrade of electrics are within our remit, as is professional fitting and making those final touches that make your bathroom distinct. If you have other areas in the home that need electrical attention, you may want to visit this page for an electrician.

Create something new – If parts of your home are not being used to their full potential we can adapt rooms to your liking – for instance, an unused bedroom, or downstairs cloakroom would make an ideal and distinct En-suite or wet room.

Old storage heating cupboard – Something simple such as making better use of an old storage heating cupboard is more than within our capability. We can replace doors, fit shelving and make it a useful integral part of the bathroom.

Bathroom electrics – Making use of modern lighting such as LED can tastefully change the ambience of a room, and again we can offer such capability and service. We are more than adept at upgrading the electrics, ventilation and even making use of PVC cladding which complements the tiling and results in being relatively maintenance free.


Whatever your bathroom needs, we can deliver an end to end bespoke service in a professional manner and as a result, done properly may well add value to your home.