Planning Steps For A Quality Bathroom

Where to Start Creating a Quality Bathroom

Planning Steps for a Quality Bathroom

Whatever we decide to do to our bathroom, we need to realise that this room will be one of the most used rooms in the building.

Whether the home is for a family, professional people or a single person, the bathroom is used throughout the day as well as for all bathing and showering. Quality bathrooms can stand up to daily use without looking worn-out over time.

Assess Your Bathroom Space

When looking at the space of your present bathroom try to forget how it is used now and envisage how you want your bathroom to look. How do you want to use the room? Do you want a shower or bath, or a shower-bath combined? How much storage will you need? Is the loo in the same room? When planning to improve or change your bathroom you need to be sure of what you want from the room.

The Layout of the Room

If you are happy with the layout you’ve already got then there is no need to change this. This will reduce costs for your quality bathroom as no major plumbing works are needed for this. If, on the other hand, you’re not happy with the present layout then you need to add the cost of a plumber and/or builder who can move your waste and water piping. It can be useful to use the internet to make different layout designs to see if you think that will work for you. You could also jot down on paper your own design for your bathroom. Think of how you will use the room, how you will move from bath to towel rail and storage units, and how doors open and shut. Take into account windows and lighting when planning as this could affect where you want your bath, shower, loo and storage.

Decide on Your Own Style

This can seem quite a daunting task for most people. What style to choose for your quality bathroom? Use the internet to view different styles and also home interior magazines. Collect a few images of the styles you love. Go to bathroom showrooms to view some different styles and get advice on your own bathroom. Looking at images of hotel quality bathrooms online can give you some ideas on layout and styles. When you have gathered enough of your favourite style samples and images you can sort out a particular style to aim for. You will then know what type of fixtures and fittings you need, and decor choices to make, to achieve this style. You will now have a good idea of how you will use your bathroom, a planned layout and a preferred style which will help when getting your bathroom fitted.


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