Top Tips on Planning A New Bathroom

Planning a new bathroomThe bathroom has taken on a new role as one of the most important rooms in our houses. Gone are the days where a bathroom was an afterthought stuffed in somewhere below the stairs. Bathrooms are spaces where we can unwind, relax and recover from the stress of daily lives. This is why many people are contacting local bathroom experts, like this denver bathroom remodeling service, for example, so that they can transform these rooms into spaces for relaxation and pampering. It is very important that a new bathroom is planned very carefully before the first tile is laid. Let’s take a closer look at what to consider when planning the perfect bathroom:

1.) What are your needs?

Are you looking for a functional space that offers the essentials or do you need a larger space in which you can spend time with a glass of wine and a book? Knowing what you are looking for is the first step in your journey to a better bathroom.

2.) Plan the layout of your new bathroom

Is your current layout working effectively? If you are happy with the current layout then a change in layout might not be needed. A bathroom has many plumbing fittings and fixtures which can prove expensive to move. You can use this information from a Port St. Lucie PLumber to see whether there is room for this in your budget. If you feel that the current layout of your bathroom is not as desired, you might want to consider making small changes that will improve the functionality and comfort of the space.

3.) Find your inspiration

When designing your new bathroom it is important to find inspiration from magazines, websites, boutique hotels and perhaps friends or family. Knowing exactly what type of look and feel you want to create in your bathroom is an essential part of the design process. Plan your new bathroom on a mood board in order to visualise it before you purchase any materials. The bathroom fitters and designers from Bespoke Bathroom Solutions will be able to offer you some great advice on the right items for you.

4.) Take the space you have into consideration

Be careful with the amount of space you use in your new bathroom. A small space filled to the brim with furniture and fittings will look very cluttered and won’t promote relaxation. Keeping the balance between comfort and minimalism is especially important in a small bathroom. Using the available space as efficiently as possible is the secret to a great bathroom.

5.) Choose your tradespeople with care

When redesigning your bathroom, you will need the skills of various tradespeople. It is important to use reputable people who are skilled in what they do so that the end result of your project is as desired. Getting references from previous customers is always a great place to start. The skilled bathroom fitters from Bespoke Bathroom Solutions are a good choice when it comes to professional tradespeople.

6.) Enjoy!

Now that your new bathroom is finished, take a book, draw a bath and relax!

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