Famous Nottingham Buildings: Bathroom Ideas that Inspire

Nottingham was a small market town right until the Victorian period. The city benefited from the extensive growth and significant architectural change during this period.

As industries increased, there was a great demand for infrastructural development. Numerous buildings came up to meet the demand for new warehouses, offices and factories. There was also a lot of pressure for residential houses for the people working in the industrial centres.

The inevitable growth hit Nottingham like a wave. The rippling effects of the wave are still effective even today. Borrowing loosely from a combination of medieval castles and Gothic designs, there is a lot one can learn from the architectural styles. Today, there is a group of buildings dubbed ‘Famous Nottingham Buildings’. Of notable existence are the bathroom ideas from these buildings. Here are some of them,

  1. National Justice Museum

The museum is located in the Lace Market. As a historic site, the building still maintains the 14th century style. Considering that it was a prison full of cells, it has a combination of the simplest bathrooms. The bathrooms consist of the following

  • A simple sink made of steel is located in the HM Prison n the 1833 wing.
  • A simple bowl made of steel without a cover
  • A small modern communal toilet and sink are located near the offices.

These vintage simple 14th century styles are suitable for small spaces and low budgets. In the cell, the toilet occupied the smallest space. The sink and the bowl are co-joined thus creating a sense of continuity.

  1. Iconic Wollaton Hall
Nottingham buildings
Wollaton Hall in Wollaton Park, Nottingham, UK

The biblical Solomon Temple in Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful outcomes of architectural genius. The Wollaton Hall in Wollaton Park borrows most of its designs from this temple and designs from the 16th century Mount Edgcumbe. As expected, the bathrooms are exquisite with extravagant furnishings. The whole bathroom is created using Ancaster stone and some decorations of rings made out of gondola mooring. There are also some influences from both the Dutch and French in terms of furnishings. These large toilets create the nostalgic feeling of the Middle Ages, and the mystery of fantasy gothic.

  1. Players Horizon factory

Tobacco production was among the major economic activities that contributed to the growth of Nottingham. This cigarette and tobacco factory is significant among the famous Nottingham buildings. Even though the bathrooms appear as normal factory washrooms, they contain a lot of insight. Some of them are as follows,

  • First, the facilities can manage a high number of people; they are located in specific parts that span throughout the factory.
  • There is a baby changing area – something very significant when considering a large number of people.
  • A combination of sitting and squatting bowls cater for everyone including the disabled.
  • The simple decorations are not distractive.
  • The sink location is at waist level, which allows for easy access.

Discover these fascinating styles firsthand by visiting Nottingham. Alternatively, you can bring Nottingham closer by recreating some of these designs at home. They are easy and affordable. You can get any of these designs with Bespoke Bathroom Solutions. we are the best bathroom fitter in Nottingham.

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