Luxury Bathroom Essentials

Essential Accessories for a Luxurious Bathroom

As you are looking to renovate your bathroom or design a new one, it is incredible to get bespoke bathroom solutions and have it look and feel exactly like that one in the top tier and classy hotel you spend a day or two at and cannot get your mind off.

luxury bathroomThere is a list full of options for what to go for when setting up luxurious bathrooms with elegant designs that will blow your mind off. If you are looking for ideas for luxury bathrooms, there here are the essentials that you need to put in place.

Heated floor

Taking a bath is not negotiable, but with winter around, your body can play mind games on you as a way of evading the low temperatures when getting into your birthday suit to shower. As a resident of Sheffield and surrounding areas in the UK, it is wise to have a bathroom floor with the radiant heating mechanism as it allows you to walk around barefoot the whole time comfortably especially during winter.

Freestanding tub

There is more style and glamour in having a bath that is away from the wall. From the egg-shaped tubs to the rectangular and ultra-modern ones including the roll-up tubs do just fine for a luxurious bathroom essential. It is also imperative to get a bathtub made of expensive and delicate material such as glass or porcelain, and if you have the deep pockets, you could coat it with something priceless or worth a fortune.

Steam head

There is no reason to book an appointment at the spa while you can have a steam head installed in your bathroom. This glamorous installation is wildly soothing and relaxing at the same time, making you dread the option of having to leave the bathroom for other duties.


Conventional bathrooms are usually big enough made only to fit the shower and the toilet seat. Those days are outdated and replaced by ample space to give you room to move around and even get a seat installed just in case you intend to spend more time relaxing in the only room where you have the privacy and freedom to be and do you. Space is also a convenience to allow you to stock expensive woollen towels and other linen.


Luxury bathrooms are notoriously known to take up much time for anyone, and there is no way better way of elevating the experience to a cloud nine level than having an entertainment system in place. There is a wide range of water and heat proof sound systems that you can install in the bathroom and enjoy soft and comforting music as you shower or relax in the tub.

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