The Future of Toilets

What Trends are shaping the Future of Toilets?

Let’s face it; bathrooms have become an area for relaxing and unwinding. Therefore, designing your bathroom for maximum comfort is mandatory. In an attempt to create luxury bathrooms and improve sanitation, companies have reinvented toilets.


bathroom toiletThe introduction of smart toilets was a significant step in customising toilets. With the tech-enabled toilets, you can control the toilet using your electronic device, including adjusting the seat according to your weight. You can also play some music and adjust the lighting to your liking.

It even heats the toilet seat if the temperatures are low. Despite the many benefits of smart toilets, they do very little to prevent the sewers from draining waste to water bodies, and you still have the odd issue that requires a plumber (like this one) to come and sort out for you. The future of toilets looks to reduce waste, improve sanitation, and promote good health.

What Is The Reinvented Toilet?

The unveiling of the future toilet in the Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing, November 2018, was a significant milestone in improving hygiene and sanitation. Unlike ordinary toilets which flash waste down the sewerage system, reinvented toilets kill germs and separate waste for proper disposal. What makes the toilet a game changer is the lack of a sewer. The toilet is designed to destroy all human waste using a chemical reaction which burns the human waste.

Benefits Offered By Future Toilets

Reinvented toilets are self-sufficient meaning you can use them anywhere. When adding an extra bathroom to your house, reinvented toilets are cost-effective. There will be no plumbing expenses. They are also ideal for countries with poor infrastructure and lack resources to develop sewerage systems. The toilets would be suitable for off-the-grid areas not accessible to the sewerage system.

Inadequate water is the leading cause of poor sanitation. And modern toilets rely on water to flush the waste down the sewerage system. If water is scarce, poor hygiene conditions can lead to the spread of diseases. Areas with limited water sources can utilise the toilets to conserve water. The reinvented toilet does more than getting rid of waste; it saves lives.

The future bathrooms aim at reducing death rates from hygiene-related illness. A healthy population leads to a better economy. With the improvement in sanitation, governments will spend less on healthcare, and there is increased productivity.

Therefore, when designing a luxury bathrooms, incorporate future toilets. Bespoke Bathroom Solutions can help you create your dream bathroom. They have a wide range of bathroom equipment to choose from, and you will get quality services. Bespoke Bathroom Solutions in the UK serve Sheffield and surrounding regions.

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