From Small To Large Bathroom

bathroom fittersSmall can be beautiful – and small can be made to look much larger than it actually is! As with other interior design techniques there are many ingenious ways to maximise on space in a bathroom that may be lacking in the size department.

To get a fully professional look bathroom fitters should be consulted to help create the perfect design.

Top toning techniques

One significant way to give a sense of space is in the colour of walls and ceiling, as well as blinds and even some of the basic items and accessories. Ensuring that as many bigger items as possible are kept to a uniform, light-coloured tone will immediately enlarge the room. Of course, not every single item has to be light and white, and some smaller objects or fixtures may be in a contrasting colour as feature items as long as the larger areas are in the lighter shades.


To extend the toning theme even further and enable a look that visually blends and expands the room, shower, and floor tiling or linoleum can be added in the same light theme. Not only does this look very fresh, clean, and inviting but it really does give an amazing optical illusion of much more space.

Mirrors and lighting

Those who are experienced in interior decor will know the way that a large mirror can create depth and almost seem to double the size of a room, and this is precisely what will happen if you put in some large mirrors along a wall or two. You can go to town on lighting which will create a lovely ambiance, and the glow reflected in the mirrors will also enhance the roomy feel. If you are able to place mirrors opposite windows this will be even more effective.

Natural light

Where possible, ensure that as much light comes into the room as will allow, and if you have dark shutters remove these and let the light flood in. If the glass is clear there are lots of ways to ensure privacy. Window shades that are translucent, as well as a stained glass window look, could be the perfect route to go down if you want to have that added sense of security at the same time as letting the natural light enter a room. If you’re not sure which type of shades would look good in your bathroom, check out latham shades. Alternatively, think laterally and consider a skylight or the simpler option of overhead lightings, such as solar tubes, to give an impression of daylight.

So, there are lots of techniques that can be deployed to enlarge a small bathroom, and it is advisable to consult with professional bathroom fitters who can provide a wealth of advice and expertise on how to achieve this.

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