Famous Bathrooms in the UK

Have you had a chance to visit some of the best bathrooms in the UK? There are notable existences of bathroom ideas that everyone should get to experience. Bespoke Bathrooms in Sheffield works to ensure the fascinating bathroom design ideas are brought to your home. Bespoke Bathrooms offer to work on the designs for you affordably. Other benefits of having your new bathroom designs done by Bespoke solutions is that it works to ensure your bathroom achieves the look that you may expect. We offer our range of bathroom services in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Doncaster, Nottingham and Sheffield. Below are some of them located in Nottingham.

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Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, UK.

Iconic Wollaton Hall

The biblical Solomon Temple located in Jerusalem is one of the most breathtaking outcomes of architectural ideas. The Wollaton Hall has borrowed some of the designs from this temple as well as ideas from Mount Edgumbe that was built in the 16th century. Its bathrooms are beautiful with great furnishing designs. The whole bathroom is created using Ancaster stone. In addition, it has been decorated with rings that are made of gondola mooring. Also, in terms of furnishing, the bathroom has been built using influences from French and Dutch. The bathrooms create a gothic fantasy mystery as well as a nostalgia feeling of the middle ages.

The National Justice Museum

Located in the Lace market, this building is a historic site that was built with a style of the 14th century. Putting into consideration that it before it was a prison with cells, its bathrooms have been created with the simplest styles. The bathrooms are made up of

  • A bowl that is made of steel without a cover
  • A simple sink also made of steel that is situated in the 1833 wing of HM prison
  • A small sink and an up-to-date shared toilet both of which are located near the offices of the building.

The styles were considered to be simple dating back in the 14th century that are highly suitable for small spaces as well as low budgets. The toilets occupy the smallest space in the cells while that bowl and sink are built jointly to enhance a sense of continuity.

Players horizon factory

The processing of tobacco was among the main economic activities that led to the growth of Nottingham. The players horizon factory which dealt with production of cigarette and tobacco is one of the most significant buildings of Nottingham. It is worth noting that although its bathrooms may appear as usual factory bathrooms, they have a lot of intuition.

  • They contain an area that is used for specifically changing babies. This is something so noteworthy especially when considering many people.
  • The bathrooms can manage quite a large number of people. They are situated in many parts in the factory that are suitable to people.
  • They have a combination of squatting as well as sitting bowls that are suitable for all kinds of people including the physically challenged.
  • For easy access of the sinks, they are built at a wait level.
  • They have simple beautifications that are not distractive.

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