Do I Need a Bidet?

Could a bidet be a useful addition to your bathroom?

Let’s get to the bottom of this: do you need to a find an easier way of cleaning your nether regions? A bidet might be a better alternative to a stand up wash, or cleaning your crotch in the shower. Throughout the UK, from Sheffield to Swaffham, there are probably fewer bidets than flat screen television sets. In fact, they are less popular in northern parts of Europe, than in southern parts of our subcontinent. If you go to Italy, a bidet has been compulsory in all bathrooms since 1975.

Its popularity in some parts of Europe has made the bidet the butt of all jokes. There are proven health benefits and environmental benefits to using one. Firstly, if you have haemorrhoids (sorry folks, too much information there), they are less harsh on your posterior than paper. Secondly, you use fewer sheets of toilet paper (though bidets are not a substitute for toilet tissue). Thirdly, because you are using fewer sheets of toilet tissue, your lavatory isn’t blocked up as often.

In today’s more hygiene conscious times, they are becoming more fashionable. Who knows? Any reluctant Brits washing their bits might consider having one in their bathroom. Sometimes, you don’t even need to have a separate bidet. You can even get an add on for your toilet seat. Some of which are electronic bidets with remote controls. If space is at a premium, consider this approach.

Alternatively, you could go for a bidet shower head. These sit next to a regular toilet, turning your toilet into a bidet for part of the time. This option is good if you’re only the sole occupant or part of a couple living together.

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