Contemporary or Traditional Bathroom?

What You Need To Know About Traditional and Contemporary Bathrooms

A revolution is taking place in the realm of bathrooms. Bathrooms have become a place of unwinding and relaxing. Redesigning your bathroom can be a daunting task. The process needs proper and informed planning.

luxury bathroomWordThe essential thing is to maximise space and employ stunning designs. This is a confusing situation whereby you have to weigh different factors. Let’s have a glance at traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

Traditional bathroom

Traditional bathroom designs mostly concentrate on providing normal functions. A typical bathroom is designed to have:

  • Shower cubicle
  • A sink and a mirror
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub

If there is limited space, the shower is in the tub. To maximise space in the room, a bathtub is fixed at the corner. If there is relatively large space, the tub is usually near the entrance. The toilet and vanity are placed on the opposite side.

When it comes to creativity, there is less to envy in a traditional bathroom. Decorative features are only applied on the walls and at the vanity. These features are characterised by brightly coloured tiles on the wall and a modern vanity. The shower cubicle may have a frosted or a clear shower screen. The cubicle is enclosed to prevent water from splashing outside. A large percent of traditional bathrooms have inbuilt bathtubs.

Contemporary Bathroom

A golden touch inspires this bathroom. The bathroom has a glamorous look and offers more than just a bathing place. A contemporary shower may not feature a shower cubicle. This is the reason why the bathroom gets wet since the shower cascades water on all sides. Standalone baths are common in luxury bathrooms.

One feature on this bathroom is plenty of space. Therefore the tub is either placed on the corner or at the centre of the room. In addition, luxury bathrooms may have a restful chair, a pot plant and a great view. The bathroom is designed to create a comfortable atmosphere, just like in your living area.

Traditional and Contemporary Bathrooms

At Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, we offer bathroom design services at affordable services. A contemporary bathroom may not be the best choice for a large family due to the splashing of water. However, you can blend the features of traditional and modern bathrooms to include a shower cubicle in your bathroom. At Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, we will guide you on how to get the best from the two spheres.

The traditional bathroom is designed to offer primary functions. On the other hand, a contemporary bathroom goes an extra mile to include lavish and appealing designs. Both designs provide essential functions, but a modern bathroom adds taste on comfort and luxury.

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