Choosing a Style When Thinking of a Bathroom Redesign

Majority people don’t have large bathrooms but there is an option of turning their small bathrooms into a luxurious space that can be inviting to walk into.

Bathroom redesign Through choosing the right decorations and arrangement tips a great spacious look can be achieved. Choosing a style when thinking of a bathroom redesign can be nerve wrecking but these tips will help a lot.

1.Redecorate the wall and floor

This is the top priority as it covers the largest part of the bathroom. Colour white is seen to symbolise hygiene, this is one colour that will make your bathroom look bright and even appear clean. There are other ranges of paints you can choose for the walls but they should be moisture proof. As for the floor you can choose to replace the ones you have with other tiles of your choice according to the style you want if maybe modern, traditional or even classic. Ensure the colour of the walls and the tiles blend properly but it doesn’t mean they have to be of the same colour.

2.Remove clutter and free up space

Excess accessories and toiletries can consume a lot of space. Try and get rid of the ones that are not required in the room. This will also avoid overshadowing the design. For the accessories try and stick to the same theme so as to avoid clashing. The key element here is keep only what you require and don’t fill up your bathroom.

3. New storage methods

There is a wide range of accessories that a person can choose like the wall shelves for organising small materials and save space. One can get heated towel rails which help save space, maintain a warm temperature and even keep the towels warm. Hanging shelves can also be used to store some items. All these methods help saving space and keeping clutter away.

4. Use mirrors and lighting

One thing that can make your bathroom appear larger is having the right lighting. If the lighting you have is not serving this purpose, you can replace them with new lighting methods that are affordable to make the room bigger and brighter. You could also hire electric services and renovate existing lightings or repair them. Remember that, before hiring any electricians or technicians, do a thorough background check on them, including their ratings, services provided, pricing, and online reviews. You could always visit website for more details. In the end, ensure your bathroom is well-lit. Illuminated mirrors also can serve the same role of enlarging a room, and you can have them fixed. In addition, a reflective floor can help a great deal.

5. Move the toilets, sinks and tubs

With the help of a professional like those at Express Plumbing (you can get info from Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling on their site), you can decide to change the location of the toilet, sink and even bathtubs depending on the new arrangement and design. Ensure they are properly fixed and in the right location. For example the toilet should not be visible when you just open the door, for the sink it can be fixed at the corner to create more space.

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