How To Choose The Right Bath

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Choosing the right type of bath for your bathroom.

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, one of the most significant decisions you are likely to face is which bath to choose. With a dizzying array of styles and sizes to choose from, finding the perfect bath to fit your own individual style and your needs can be more complex than you would think.

Your First Steps To Choosing The Perfect Bath

The first key thing to consider when choosing a bath is the shape and size of the bathroom, don’t forget to measure these before choosing your new bath, it could make the difference between your bathroom being luxurious or cramped! Once you have measured the dimensions of the room, other key points to consider are your own personal style preference and if you require the bath to have any special features such as extra space to shower or features to assist with any mobility needs.

Different Styles of bath

We have a wide range of baths to suit any bathroom, to help you choose your perfect bath, here is a guide to some of the different types that we offer.

Standard Baths

Usually made of acrylic and enclosed by bath panels. These are functional, easy to clean and a great choice on a budget.

Free Standing Baths

Can be placed anywhere plumbing will allow within the bathroom and are available in a range of styles from traditional claw-footed tubs to sleek modern designs.

P-Shaped Shower Baths

If the ‘Bath Vs Shower’ debate is raging in your household, a P-Shaped shower bath will keep everyone happy. With plenty of room to soak for bath fans and extra space at one end for shower lovers, a P-Shaped Shower Bath really does tick all the boxes.

Whirlpool/Spa Baths

Get the spa feeling with a whirlpool bath and relax as jets of water massage your cares away.

Sit Baths

A sit bath is an ideal solution if you have limited space but still want to be able to relax in the tub. As suggested by the name the user is able to sit in comfort, submerged in the water up to chest level in a bath that takes up much less space than a standard bath.

Corner Baths

Corner baths are another space saving solution for smaller bathrooms, fitting neatly into a corner between two walls.

Here at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, we have a wide range of baths so you can be sure that, whatever your needs, we will be able to help you find your perfect match. You can book a design and installation consultation with our experienced team of bathroom specialists. Please call 0114 2586372 for your no-obligation quote or contact us online. We would be happy to hear from you.

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