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Why Taking Your Tablet to the Toilet Has 99.9% of All Known Germs

Believe it or not, taking your smartphone or tablet to the toilet means more germs on your digital device than the toilet seat

At some point in the day, we are guilty as charged in terms of taking our digital devices to the bathroom. In the same way we used to take a book or magazine to the lavatory, we do the same with our iPads, iPhones or whatever device we have to hand. Next time, before you do, consider this thought. Taking your digital device to the toilet means more germs on your tablet or ‘phone than the toilet seat.

That is definite. Scientific proof. In 2011, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine cited that one in six handsets had a trace of faecal matter. Poop. Detritus. Excreta. Or any other word, less eloquent than the last two that we shan’t mention.So, next time you are talking to your loved one on the ‘phone, give the handset a clean.

Oh, and try not to take it to the toilet. Unless you have the right kind of wipes. Why does this matter? Your smartphone, and possibly your digital tablet, has ten times more germs than the toilet seat. If Domestos kills 99% of all known germs, does your iPad have 90% of the 1% of germs that the bleach cannot shift?

As for wet wipes, a pack of baby wipes are the wrong kind of wipes for your devices. A pack of antibacterial wipes. You should be able to get a pack for less than a pint of real ale. A set of computer screen wipes should also do the trick. If you can get a portable pack for your backpack or handbag, it is a small price to pay for a clean handset. Whether you take your smartphone to the toilet or otherwise.

Terrible Toilet Design

Terrible Toilet Design

In this post, we look at how not to lay out a lavatory. In other words, some of the elementary errors in toilet design. For example:

  • Toilets that are positioned too close together;
  • Lavatories lacking in privacy;
  • A urinal with its own door;
  • A loo with a washing machine above the cistern;
  • Two toilets positioned for conversational purposes;
  • A conference room inside a lavatory.

Each of these poorly positioned toilets have been the subject of a Reddit post, shared on the Daily Mail Online website. If you thought the article wasn’t enough, here’s a YouTube clip featuring some hilarious toilet design fails. Fifty of them. Some of which have appeared on the Daily Mail Online article but it’s a good laugh nonetheless.

surreal Bathrooms

Surreal Bathroom Ideas

A selection of surreal bathroom styles, carefully curated to inspire and infuriate you at the same time

Sometimes you might be yearning for a totally different bathroom style to the norm. You can either look in amazement, or encourage us to push the envelope. Being as all our bathrooms are made to measure, we dare you to do the latter. Without further ado, here’s a selection of awe inspiring and surreal bathroom ideas.
Seven Surreal Black Bathrooms

7 Surreal black bathrooms that will bring magic into your home

You’ve got a shower room and you said “paint it black”…

If you look at these seven bathrooms, it is surprising how well black could look in a bathroom. Especially when given such care and attention.
13 3D Bathroom Floor Designs That Will Mess With Your Mind

Forget the usual bathroom tiles, take a look at these floor designs. Instead of having a picture of dolphins, why not have a bathroom floor with an underwater theme? Or a 1980s Rubik’s Cube design.

Bathroom Wet room

Why Plump for a Wet Room?

How a wet room can turn the smallest of rooms into a sleek shower and wash room

Space may be a problem for some people who are planning their dream bathroom. Whether your bathroom is four metres long or two metres wide, we at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions are able to devote the same amount of care. Then again, your dream bathroom could be a wet room.

A wet room instead of a bathroom?

Your lifestyle might be a factor in your dream bathroom. If you prefer to step into the shower each day, rather than have the odd soak, a wet room may be a better option. Without a bathtub, you get to save a lot of space in your bathroom, and this is especially true with smaller bathrooms.

With a wet room, your shower cubicle become the main focus of your room. Wet rooms allow for easier movement, especially if you or your fellow family members have problems getting into a bathtub. As everything we do is custom made (hence our name), we can also adapt wet rooms to suit people with mobility issues.

Most importantly, we can create a wet room with any kind of design you see fit. Anything that is sleek and fashionable, whether futuristic or traditional. What’s more, a wet room is easier to clean than a traditional bathroom.

For further information…

If you would like to know more about our wet rooms, or wish to ask for a free no-obligation quote, why not telephone us on 0114 258 6372? Or you could email us via We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Bijou Bathrooms

Bijou Bathrooms in Shoebox Spaces

Why space should be no barrier to beautiful bathrooms

In our previous post, we mulled over the possibilities of giving your cloakroom, or second bathroom, a new lease of life. A nice bit of refurbishment work to get it kicking and screaming into the 2010s. For some households, their main bathroom can be the size of some residents’ secondary bathrooms.

Small can be beautiful; size shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity either. Hotel rooms around the world manage with bijou bathrooms in en suite rooms, as seen in our featured image. Fitting the quart into a pint pot is a challenge but an achievable one nonetheless.

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions have experience in this too. Throughout our neck of the woods are a fair number of Edwardian and Victorian properties. Many of them were built before bathrooms and indoor toilets became a standard feature. Therefore, some bathrooms may be small – the bulk of which taking up part of a bedroom.

One effective way of improving space in your bijou bathroom is the use of under the basin space. This could be used for storing bathroom supplies you don’t need at this very moment. A little niche could be created for storing soap, bubble bath, shampoo and the like. If you’re not too precious about your bathtub, you could replace it with a shower cubicle and gain some extra space.

If you wish to make your bathroom look bigger, go for light colour schemes. Make good use of mirrors and use natural light to your advantage.

For further information or a free no-obligation quote, call us on 0114 258 6372 or email us via We will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Bad bathroom Design

Bad Bathroom Design Trends

Thinking of selling your home? Here are the seven deadly sins of bad bathroom design trends you should avoid

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions came across this amazing article on the website. Entitled 7 Bathroom Design Trends Home Buyers Want to Flush Away, it looks at the trends you need to avoid, should you sell your home. In its Seven Deadly Sins of Bad Bathroom Design Trends, it has stated the following points:

  • The All White Box;
  • Minimalism;
  • Overly funky colour schemes;
  • Huge bathtubs;
  • Dual sinks;
  • Medicine cabinets;
  • Subway tiles and nickel finishes.

On Homes Under The Hammer, you would have lost track of the times they have used Magnolia paint as a ‘cure all’ for interior design issues. This is true with their take on The All White Box. According to the article, it is a pain in the proverbials to clean. We think it feels like taking a bath in a fridge freezer (though the light stays on whilst the door is closed)

Minimalism is frowned upon, on the grounds that think it makes for a sparse bathroom. One that seems hardly used and soulless. Similarly frowned upon are over the top colour schemes. In other words, if you wish to sell your house, ditch the avocado bathroom suite.

With the average British home being smaller than US counterparts, the chances of seeing huge bathtubs and dual sinks are minimal. Both, according to their article have a low resale value. The bath could be replaced by a more modest one, and the space for your second sink could be better used elsewhere.

Medicine cabinets are passé according to their piece; they suggest open shelves and baskets. Subway tiles and nickel finishes are seen as outdated.

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions can think of a few other bad bathroom design trends that potential homeowners may frown about. What about having a carpet in your bathroom? Bathroom tiles on a roll like wallpaper? Badly positioned toilet roll holders?

bathroom cloakrooms

Cosy Cloakrooms in Nooks and Crannies

Why Bespoke Bathroom Solutions’ imaginative cloakrooms make the best use of the smallest of spaces

If you have a second bathroom, there’s no way your second bathroom should be second rate. We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions are able to create cosy cloakrooms in nooks and crannies. Cloakrooms with character, which make the best use of limited space.

Alongside your main bathroom, we can devote the same amount of time and creativity to your ground floor bathroom. If you have a large house with a big family, or family members with mobility issues, nothing should be compromised. As with everything we do, our cloakrooms are designed to suit your requirements.

We can design cloakrooms with modifications for elderly people, and people with mobility issues. Whether you want a traditional style or an ultra modern suite, we can source the finest quality products on the market. All of which by recognised names like Villeroy and Boch and Ideal Standard.

If you would like a free no-obligation quote, call us on 0114 258 6372 or email us via For cosy cloakrooms in nooks and crannies your way, you have found the right place.

bathroom bidet

Do I Need a Bidet?

Could a bidet be a useful addition to your bathroom?

Let’s get to the bottom of this: do you need to a find an easier way of cleaning your nether regions? A bidet might be a better alternative to a stand up wash, or cleaning your crotch in the shower. Throughout the UK, from Sheffield to Swaffham, there are probably fewer bidets than flat screen television sets. In fact, they are less popular in northern parts of Europe, than in southern parts of our subcontinent. If you go to Italy, a bidet has been compulsory in all bathrooms since 1975.

Its popularity in some parts of Europe has made the bidet the butt of all jokes. There are proven health benefits and environmental benefits to using one. Firstly, if you have haemorrhoids (sorry folks, too much information there), they are less harsh on your posterior than paper. Secondly, you use fewer sheets of toilet paper (though bidets are not a substitute for toilet tissue). Thirdly, because you are using fewer sheets of toilet tissue, your lavatory isn’t blocked up as often.

In today’s more hygiene conscious times, they are becoming more fashionable. Who knows? Any reluctant Brits washing their bits might consider having one in their bathroom. Sometimes, you don’t even need to have a separate bidet. You can even get an add on for your toilet seat. Some of which are electronic bidets with remote controls. If space is at a premium, consider this approach.

Alternatively, you could go for a bidet shower head. These sit next to a regular toilet, turning your toilet into a bidet for part of the time. This option is good if you’re only the sole occupant or part of a couple living together.

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions are willing to answer your queries. If you would like more information or a free no-obligation quote, call us on 0114 258 6372, or send us an email to We will be happy to hear from you.

Bathtime Beats: Our Top Ten

Some bathtime beats for a good soak

1. Water, Water, Everywhere, Tommy Steele: you cannot beat a bit of Tommy Steele, especially as your bathtime loofah could be a surrogate guitar.

2. This World of Water, New Musik: briefly successful in 1980, this was the group’s next best known tune after Living By Numbers.

3. The River, King Trigger: a largely forgotten gem due to its lowly chart position in August 1982 but a great song for the shower or bathtime.

4. Splish Splash, Bobby Darin: from King Trigger’s Adam and the Ants style drumming to a rock ‘n’ roll classic, Bobby Darin’s number sounds peerless in 2017.

5. Proud Mary, Ike and Tina Turner: Creedence Clearwater Revival may have done the original version, but Ike’s and Tina’s is the most bathtime friendly piece. A great one for caterwauling along to.

6. Singin’ in the Rain, Sheila B: when you thought we would have chosen the musical version, we thought Sheila B’s disco cover was better for showering to.

7. Moon River, Danny Williams: a dreamy number, best suited to long and relaxing soaks. Danny Williams’ version appeared in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

8. A Little Bit of Soap, Showaddywaddy: how can we forget the Leicester rock ‘n’ roll revivalists? Originally by The Jarmels, Showaddywaddy’s version peaked at Number 5 in 1978.

9. The Rubber Ducky Song, Ernie: for some, no bathtime is complete without a rubber duck. The orange puppet from Sesame Street never fails to please with this paean to bathtime toys.

10. Theme from Jaws, John Williams: “I think we’re going to need a bigger boat”. The best tune to inflict on anybody who’s hogging the bath too long!