Stylish New Bathrooms In Nottingham

bathrooms NottinghamIn conjunction with a number of new regeneration and development innovations in Nottingham, the city can now add a bespoke range of designer bathrooms to the repertoire.

Huge developments in the region, not least in the Waterside Regeneration Area, have led to a need for sophisticated and modern bathrooms in Nottingham to match the new look of the city’s residential areas.


As well as being a place of relaxation and contemplation, the bathroom is one of the hubs of any house or apartment, and the latest bathrooms reflect the state-of-the-art design and construction that is now deployed to create the perfect look:

Natural materials: for an authentic, natural look bathrooms come in stone, wood and marble and materials are eco-friendly. Continuing the naturalistic theme, fabrics such as cotton or linen are often utilised to enhance the image.

New-look faucets: digital faucets are both futuristic looking and energy conserving – they reduce the flow of water and also regulate the temperature, as well as incorporating hand sensors so that they turn on and off automatically.

Colour schemes: the current trend is for sultry, dark shades, as opposed to the former bright look. The new shades tie in with the more elegant, natural look and variations on black, navy and grey are some of the colours that are now interspersed throughout a contemporary bathroom.

Technological toilets: a number of new features are now amalgamated into new toilets including remote controls for cleaning instead of traditional toilet paper; seat warmers; self-cleaning properties and sensors. Some models even play music when the seat is left up to add to the novelty value!


As well as high-tech functionality in the core equipment of upgraded bathrooms, there are certain styles that are prevalent at the moment and these have become increasingly popular. Vintage and period-style bathrooms remain appealing for many, and these may incorporate baroque features and antique mirrors and accessories.

At the other end of the spectrum, super-modern bathrooms create a glistening, minimalist look with high-sheen shelves, cupboards and accessories combined with large tiles that create a marble, stone or wood effect.

Other key trends to consider for those looking for ultra-modern bathrooms in Nottingham are J-shaped baths. In addition, digital showers enable you to pre-set temperature and flow of water to your exact specifications, and this luxury can also be enhanced by the addition of under-floor heating.

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