Bathroom Trends For 2019/20

Bathroom Trends To Look Out For in 2019/20

If you are looking to redecorate your bathroom, it is imperative that you first contact a plumbing service provider like Steve’s Plumbing ( who could help you with your faucet and fixture installation.

Once you have finalized a plumber, then you can pick a design that will not only make your bathroom comfortable but also trendy. Lucky for you, top interior designers continue to revolutionise how bathrooms are built and decorated.

bathroom showroomAs a result, all you have to do is carry out an online research to find top trends in order to pick your favourite.

To help you out, here are several bathroom trends for 2019/20 that you could consider:

Combining compact living with luxury

If you have limited space in your home, this trend allows you to build a sophisticated bathroom that is not only functional but also luxurious. When working with limited space, most designers combine the bedroom and the bathroom to achieve a versatile style.

The introduction of wooden surfaces in the bathroom

Some modern bathroom designs utilise wood instead of ceramics to create a warm atmosphere. Wood also combines with materials such as marble to bring out a rustic style. Other designs incorporate wooden styles borrowed from global players such as Japanese architectural designers. Wood creates an environment that is both sophisticated and exceptionally comfortable.

Smart bathrooms

These bathrooms boast of modern technologies that allow users to execute numerous tasks such as communicating with colleagues or completing work-related projects. This means that one can relax in a bathtub for longer and come out rejuvenated. The fitted technologies also ensure that you have everything that you need to enjoy your experience in the bathroom.

Freestanding bathtub

Most modern bathroom designs tend to pick the freestanding tub over the built-in tub. With the freestanding tub, one is able to try out different tub designs, colours, or even tub shape. For instance, you could go for a rectangular tub, cylindrical, round tub. You can also go for a curved bathtub or have one customised based on your preferences. Whichever bathtub you decide on, make sure to use a trusted company such as Bordner Home Improvement to help you replace it.

Variations in colour

Although most bathroom designers previously preferred white or blue for bathrooms, most modern designers tend to exercise more freedom when it comes to colour choices. Modern bathroom designs, therefore, are more likely to feature two or more colours balanced to bring out sophistication and luxury. Notably popular are colours that feature more earth-like tones. For instance, colours such as forest green, seaweed green, blond, ash charcoal, and seal grey.

By considering the above ideas, you will be able to create a bathroom that will serve you efficiently while also complementing your home’s design. If you are a resident of Sheffield, UK, you can just contact Bespoke Bathroom Solutions or visit our bathroom showrooms in Sheffield for superior, luxury bathrooms. Our services are unmatched because we always prioritise our customer’s needs.

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