surreal Bathrooms

Surreal Bathroom Ideas

A selection of surreal bathroom styles, carefully curated to inspire and infuriate you at the same time

Sometimes you might be yearning for a totally different bathroom style to the norm. You can either look in amazement, or encourage us to push the envelope. Being as all our bathrooms are made to measure, we dare you to do the latter. Without further ado, here’s a selection of awe inspiring and surreal bathroom ideas.
Seven Surreal Black Bathrooms

7 Surreal black bathrooms that will bring magic into your home

You’ve got a shower room and you said “paint it black”…

If you look at these seven bathrooms, it is surprising how well black could look in a bathroom. Especially when given such care and attention.
13 3D Bathroom Floor Designs That Will Mess With Your Mind

Forget the usual bathroom tiles, take a look at these floor designs. Instead of having a picture of dolphins, why not have a bathroom floor with an underwater theme? Or a 1980s Rubik’s Cube design.