Bathroom Wet room

Why Plump for a Wet Room?

How a wet room can turn the smallest of rooms into a sleek shower and wash room

Space may be a problem for some people who are planning their dream bathroom. Whether your bathroom is four metres long or two metres wide, we at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions are able to devote the same amount of care. Then again, your dream bathroom could be a wet room.

A wet room instead of a bathroom?

Your lifestyle might be a factor in your dream bathroom. If you prefer to step into the shower each day, rather than have the odd soak, a wet room may be a better option. Without a bathtub, you get to save a lot of space in your bathroom, and this is especially true with smaller bathrooms.

With a wet room, your shower cubicle become the main focus of your room. Wet rooms allow for easier movement, especially if you or your fellow family members have problems getting into a bathtub. As everything we do is custom made (hence our name), we can also adapt wet rooms to suit people with mobility issues.

Most importantly, we can create a wet room with any kind of design you see fit. Anything that is sleek and fashionable, whether futuristic or traditional. What’s more, a wet room is easier to clean than a traditional bathroom.

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Bijou Bathrooms

Bijou Bathrooms in Shoebox Spaces

Why space should be no barrier to beautiful bathrooms

In our previous post, we mulled over the possibilities of giving your cloakroom, or second bathroom, a new lease of life. A nice bit of refurbishment work to get it kicking and screaming into the 2010s. For some households, their main bathroom can be the size of some residents’ secondary bathrooms.

Small can be beautiful; size shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity either. Hotel rooms around the world manage with bijou bathrooms in en suite rooms, as seen in our featured image. Fitting the quart into a pint pot is a challenge but an achievable one nonetheless.

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions have experience in this too. Throughout our neck of the woods are a fair number of Edwardian and Victorian properties. Many of them were built before bathrooms and indoor toilets became a standard feature. Therefore, some bathrooms may be small – the bulk of which taking up part of a bedroom.

One effective way of improving space in your bijou bathroom is the use of under the basin space. This could be used for storing bathroom supplies you don’t need at this very moment. A little niche could be created for storing soap, bubble bath, shampoo and the like. If you’re not too precious about your bathtub, you could replace it with a shower cubicle and gain some extra space.

If you wish to make your bathroom look bigger, go for light colour schemes. Make good use of mirrors and use natural light to your advantage.

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