Bad bathroom Design

Bad Bathroom Design Trends

Thinking of selling your home? Here are the seven deadly sins of bad bathroom design trends you should avoid

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions came across this amazing article on the website. Entitled 7 Bathroom Design Trends Home Buyers Want to Flush Away, it looks at the trends you need to avoid, should you sell your home. In its Seven Deadly Sins of Bad Bathroom Design Trends, it has stated the following points:

  • The All White Box;
  • Minimalism;
  • Overly funky colour schemes;
  • Huge bathtubs;
  • Dual sinks;
  • Medicine cabinets;
  • Subway tiles and nickel finishes.

On Homes Under The Hammer, you would have lost track of the times they have used Magnolia paint as a ‘cure all’ for interior design issues. This is true with their take on The All White Box. According to the article, it is a pain in the proverbials to clean. We think it feels like taking a bath in a fridge freezer (though the light stays on whilst the door is closed)

Minimalism is frowned upon, on the grounds that think it makes for a sparse bathroom. One that seems hardly used and soulless. Similarly frowned upon are over the top colour schemes. In other words, if you wish to sell your house, ditch the avocado bathroom suite.

With the average British home being smaller than US counterparts, the chances of seeing huge bathtubs and dual sinks are minimal. Both, according to their article have a low resale value. The bath could be replaced by a more modest one, and the space for your second sink could be better used elsewhere.

Medicine cabinets are passé according to their piece; they suggest open shelves and baskets. Subway tiles and nickel finishes are seen as outdated.

We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions can think of a few other bad bathroom design trends that potential homeowners may frown about. What about having a carpet in your bathroom? Bathroom tiles on a roll like wallpaper? Badly positioned toilet roll holders?

bathroom cloakrooms

Cosy Cloakrooms in Nooks and Crannies

Why Bespoke Bathroom Solutions’ imaginative cloakrooms make the best use of the smallest of spaces

If you have a second bathroom, there’s no way your second bathroom should be second rate. We at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions are able to create cosy cloakrooms in nooks and crannies. Cloakrooms with character, which make the best use of limited space.

Alongside your main bathroom, we can devote the same amount of time and creativity to your ground floor bathroom. If you have a large house with a big family, or family members with mobility issues, nothing should be compromised. As with everything we do, our cloakrooms are designed to suit your requirements.

We can design cloakrooms with modifications for elderly people, and people with mobility issues. Whether you want a traditional style or an ultra modern suite, we can source the finest quality products on the market. All of which by recognised names like Villeroy and Boch and Ideal Standard.

If you would like a free no-obligation quote, call us on 0114 258 6372 or email us via For cosy cloakrooms in nooks and crannies your way, you have found the right place.