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Different services that Bespoke Bathroom Solutions offer

Our Bespoke Bathroom Solutions Will Enhance Your Shower Experience!
The bathroom is that one room in the house where can to turn off the rest of the world, to be alone with your thoughts and reflects on the day’s events. Soaking in the hot tub while catching up on your reading makes for a blissful experience that enables you to recharge your energies.
Unfortunately, not all bathrooms live up to these expectations or deliver that level of luxury. In fact, you might have come across a bathroom that left you distraught and uncomfortable. Luckily, at Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, we create a range of lavish bathrooms with the trimmings of a luxury spa to inject some comfort and class in your home.
Out with the Jaded Ones
We understand the pressing need to upgrade your bathroom to get with the times or accommodate a certain need. Our top-notch bathroom refurbishment service helps you through the process by remodelling to achieve new appearances and install in vogue amenities, ultimately inject a bit of class into the room.
Our professional staff will help you define your needs correctly to ensure excellent results and avoid costly mistakes. By helping you identify your remodelling needs, we can then apply out expertise getting you the right features, amenities, and finishing. From bathroom refurbishments to new installations, no project is too for large bespoke bathrooms.

Make the Efficient Use of Spaces in the Bathroom
As a family grows bigger, the need for more bathrooms in the house grows along with it, prompting you to look for a lasting solution. We too cannot stand the thought of someone barging into our bathroom experience. Ground in more than two decades of experience, our bathroom installation services turn those unused spaces into swanky new ones to give you a peace of mind. Relying on our exceptional skills and experience, we will turn a bedroom or cloakroom into an En-suite to offer you unparalleled convenience.

Get the Bathroom Lighting Just Right
More than just letting, you find your way through the room; creative bathroom lighting enhances your mood and lifts your spirits. While the downlights are the norm, sometimes they are not sufficient and border on the standard features. We recommend additional lights to add a visual interest but also lift the room scheme in a most stunning way.
Good lighting besides the mirrors allows you to look your best at all time. Similarly, we recommend the use of floor lights around the bath as they create a softer mood while making elegant bathroom lighting during the night.

Get the Storage Just Right
We understand your need to store different bath time items without lowering the appeal of the bathroom or hogging up space and creatively solve this problem for you. While making sure to keep every item at your fingertips, our bespoke bathroom storage space ideas make the most efficient use of your small spaces.
Our experts turn the recessed and slim areas as well as tight corners into smart storage units. From sliding drawers under your sinks to wall hung mirrored vanity units, we will not squander any space in your bathroom. Most importantly, our bespoke bathroom storage spaces adhere to the design elements while creating the storage spaces to ensure the décor is purposeful.

Shower in Comfort and Style
We understand that sometimes you need total privacy when taking a hot shower and make every effort to improve your experience. Our bespoke shower enclosure allows you to shower in comfort, losing in your thought and the sound of falling water. Our shower enclosures trap all the water, leaving the rest of your bathroom furniture dry.
By containing the dampness, we ensure your towels and other toiletries are dry and usable at all time. Our ranges of custom shower doors enhance the style of your bathroom and complement your décor. Additionally, we ensure proper water sealing to keep your home safe from water damage.
With the average person spending at least one and a half years of their lives in the bathroom, it behoves you to make every second count. At bespoke bathrooms, we will help you turn your current bathroom into a luxurious spa that suits your needs and lifestyle. From remodelling to new bathroom installations, our effective solutions will help you every step of the way.