Wet Rooms Sheffield

Wet Rooms – Your Ultimate Solution for a Luxurious Bathroom Space

A while ago bathroom designs only focused on style and how well the tiles, fixtures and fittings rounded out the rest of the space. While all such factors are still vital, the modern homeowner is more inclined to creating functional bathrooms or spaces that are easy to clean and yet stylish. Naturally, bathrooms are the dampest areas of a home hence, prone to mould growth if not properly maintained.
The water seeps through the tiles and is absorbed into the spaces, leading to mould or mildew growth. The introduction of wet rooms helped solve this problem as the bathroom floor and wall are sealed using a waterproof membrane to prevent water from leaking. The wet rooms have sloping floors to ensure the water flows to the drain. Most bathroom spaces have glass screens installed to separate the shower area from the rest of the space. Our wet rooms Sheffield experts can explain the benefits of investing in wet rooms for quality and luxurious bathroom spaces.

Easily Accessible
Wet rooms make an excellent alternative for open bathroom designs especially in homes where movement is restricted, e.g. if the homeowner is disabled or elderly. Such plans don’t need a shower tray, which makes access to the shower easier. Wetrooms are then normally chosen by disabled or less-mobile people that may also opt to incorporate the likes of these Washroom Control Kits for increased accessibility as well as safety while locked alone in the bathroom.
Ideal for Small Spaces
Wet rooms make great designs for bathrooms that have small spaces. It is because the expert does not have lots of cumbersome tiling to work around, making it easy to install the wet room. Our professionals recommend installing wet rooms when renovating an en-suite.
Enhances the Value of a Property
The bathroom is a vital selling point when valuing property, and having a wet room in your bespoke bathroom enhances this value. Ordinary bathroom spaces allow water to seep through gout, leading to a build-up of moisture that can create damp walls. With wet room Sheffield, however, a waterproofing feature is added to that part of the home that is susceptible to leaks and mould growth thus, maintaining the integrity of the structure of the property.
Easy to Clean
It is the main reason for installing a wet room. Cleaning a wet room is pretty straightforward; its minimal design allows easy cleaning. And, with the sloping floor, all the water drains down easily.
More Design Options
Our wet rooms in Sheffield are stylish and add that spark to your bespoke bathroom. The clean lines of the wet room add a sense of minimalism and elegance to the space. The minimalist design also allows designers to use different materials when creating the space; stone, wood, concrete while matching the rest of the décor.
When installing a wet room, it is essential to engage an experienced and reputable company. Poorly installed wet rooms cause damage to a home, not to mention the money already spent. We boast years of experience in this trade, and so, any homeowner is sure of high-quality services. What’s more, wet rooms Sheffield professionals liaise with the homeowner throughout the process to meet all their expectations.
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